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Questions Answered

Behind the scenes shot of Kelly standing in for Roy, for the last shot of Spring.
Behind the scenes shot of Anna (Trinka) and Kelly standing in for Roy, for the last shot of Spring, sporting the Roy’s Towing logo on the back of his shirt.

Still trying to figure out how it all ties together? Have you  asked, “What happened to So-and-so?”, have you figured out that the four stories are actually all one single story?

Have you figured out the fate of the “survivors” in each season.

Ready to find out if your theories about the film are correct?

Massive Spoilers ahead… turn back now.

Alright, here it goes:

The short answer: There is only 1 survivor at the end of the film.

The long answer:

We start in Spring, ending with just Anna and Roy. (“Roy” is the tow truck driver that came to help when Anna hit the deer, and she call’s him Roy because the logo on the back of his shirt is for a company named Roy’s Towing)

Behind the scenes shot of Madison and Gary, after Gary’s demise.

At the end of  Summer we see Gary and Madison are the only survivors of the attempted float trip to Muncie.

So what happened to Gary and Madison?

During Fall we get to see Gary and Madison and find out what happened to them.

In one of Doc’s flashback sequences, we see that Madison contracted, and died of pneumonia. Not realizing she had turned, Gary goes into the vault to check  on her, where he is attacked and has his throat torn out.

During Fall, we also catch a glimpse of Marcus.  He’s at the foot of the bed in the opening scene, and he helps carry the bed with Don’s body out at the beginning.

Marcus, Marianne, and the pregnant woman who killed them all.
Behind the scenes, of the Fall intro, with Marcus, Marianne, and the pregnant woman who killed them all.

In the final scene of Fall, a man brings a woman in labor to Doc.  One of the big themes of fall is the things that will kill you pretty easily, that we don’t even think about in the modern world.  Giving birth with little medical equipment, no medication, and few surgical tools is a risky business.  She dies giving birth, and everyone in the building does too.

Marcus manages to escape the building, and at the beginning of Winter, we find Marcus traveling while it’s still cold and safe.

Thanks again to all the fans.  We’re nearing a million!

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